Live at The Mezz – November 11th.   Leave a comment

Pre-gig posing ….. Wanman, Mick O’Brien, Dermot Reynolds, Tony Floyd Kenna & Brendan Hickey …. (photos by Garry Hall)

Garry & Tony

Host Brendan Hickey jams with the Band

Live in Darkey Kelly’s November 4th.   Leave a comment

This Alien has Landed …..

Darkey’s – Electric session October 28th.   Leave a comment

A great pre Halloween party night with Mick O’Brien, Hector Castillo, Tony Floyd Kenna, Dermot Reynolds, Joe Wanman McGuinness, Sean O’Neill and Alan Ryan.

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Acoustic Earth on Dublin City FM with Sean Brophy   Leave a comment

‘My Man Blues’ from Postcard From Bangor will air in Sean’s show on Wednesday October 29th. 11.30am.



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Never too old to rock n roll   Leave a comment

At Darkey’s – October 21st. 2014

Review from Trip Advisor for Musicians & Songwriters Dublin session in Darkey’s on October 21st. 

“Brilliant live music”
Reviewed 24 October 2014 NEW
‘We came here after eating next door at the Copper Alley, the live music was brilliant, so much energy they were like standing on chairs and everything! Playing some classics! However we got there late so only got to see them for a few songs and wished we had got there earlier. Would definitely return!’

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Guinness Amplify – October 2014   Leave a comment

Live and unleased, played a Solo set to open the evening followed by Sean O’Neill and then bass in Dermot Reynolds Band before rolling out Floyd & The Machine which included Dermot Reynolds, Mick Brady, Mick O’Brien, Conall Heffernan & Johnny Brew. Hosted by Darkey Kelly’s.

Tony Floyd Kenna Solo

Floyd & The Machine

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World Tour of Belfast September 2014   Leave a comment

Tour notes from Tony.

‘After a few days away in early August I arrived back home, looked at the gig schedule, the regular weekly spots plus the specials coming up, Culture night, Guinness Amplify… Time to revisit Belfast too I decided. Having played Northern Ireland three times already in 2014, really enjoyed the gigs and made great friends I felt a pull, a need to go back again. I contacted the legendary Ronnie Purvis who runs the Society Sessions in the Empire and said September 24th. looked like it would be a good day to play there again, Ronnie agreed. I felt the start of a World Tour of Belfast coming on. The American diner, City Picnic, would have to be on the schedule too. I’d played it solo in July, first live music there, it went great. So I contacted Gavin who runs it, told him it was his lucky day and that I was coming back again in September, Gavin said yeah. Things were coming together nicely. The great bluesy singer, Rhiannah Warm from Bangor, has often performed with me and recorded on some of my songs also, yep, she’d have to join in too. Rhiannah said yep. Back at the Dublin Musicians & Songwriters collective Dermot Reynolds and me had been doing a lot of work together so it seemed natural he’d come along too. Dermot said yeah.

Now that we had a sort of ‘band’ for the tour I thought that maybe some recording would be a great way to bookend it. Made enquires, did some digging and as fate would have it Beat n Track in Rhiannah’s home town of Bangor was booked.

On the morning of September 24th. Dermot and I convened at Connolly station and boarded the train for Belfast. The adventure was coming to life. Arriving in Belfast we booked into the hotel and then headed for the cafe under the famous Good Vibrations record store. Great sandwiches, great coffee, sat back relaxed and waited for Rhiannah to join us. After a while the three of us headed down the street toward City Picnic. Said our hellos to Gavin and Arthur and set up by the window. Now I can’t be sure whether it was us or hunger that drew the crowd but the place filled up nicely and we played an hour and a half of our original music. I can honestly say it went down great and of course I had to sing Belfast City Of Life twice. And of course Rhiannah and Dermot were powerful with their own unique sound and wonderful songs. A great treat for both us and audience I believe.

Having then tired Dermot out with some musical sightseeing around the city we had to retire to the hotel for a short recharge….

At about 9 we hit the Empire. Big smile from Ronnie, met some old friends, made some new, heard some great music. Me and Rhiannah did a set culminating in Belfast City of Life, of course. Dermot led the second set with his unique blend of Dublin Caribbean Groove. Things really don’t get much better that this. About one in the morning it seemed time to hit the hotel, although I have to say I would have loved to been playing a third gig….

Thursday 25th….. The excitement continued, we were heading to the studio in Bangor to record some live tracks… Out of this session the group ‘Acoustic Earth’ would be born. ‘Postcard From Bangor’ is the debut release. We spent about an hour setting up, playing and recording and about an hour mixing/mastering. If it sounds very relaxed and easy, it was…. Watch this space…. ‘



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