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‘Smile For Me’ The story behind the song.

Linda Ibbotson posted a picture on Facebook of the Poets Corner in Kinsale. Inside sat a girl at a table, the scene looked like a quiet relaxed contemplative moment in time. An idea for a song came to me, I imagined a story built around the scene….  ‘By a window, she reads, a verse from a book. In her headphones there plays, a song with a hook. And looks, to the outside, a smile on her face. It’s a day to sit back, to slow down, the pace’. This outline for the first verse sat with me for a while, I let the story unfold in my head. Following a songwriters workshop at IMRO I changed the narrative to first person and I expanded the tale, making it more personal, and built the song around a basic repeating chord pattern. I also felt that a simple chorus would make it easily accessible, memorable and easy to relate to. The recording itself is purposely very simple, all first take, not quiet perfect. I believe this helps keep it fresh and real and hopefully captures and preserves the immediacy and the mood of the moment that gave it life. It’s a song not perhaps typical of my usual work and so although I’m working on tracks for the next album I decided to release it as a single, let it have it’s own place in time. Eternal thanks to Linda for the muse :), to the Poet’s Corner in Kinsale for being there, to the girl by the window, to the girl walking by.  Smile For Me :)

T.F.K. April 2014.

Smile For Me – Final Version.

By the window I see you, reading a book.
And your headphones are playing some song with a hook.
You look to the outside, a smile on your face.
It’s a day just to sit back, to slow down the pace.

Won’t you smile for me, smile for me.
Won’t you smile for me, smile for me, smile for me.

On your way home I’ll meet you, and give you, a hug.
You don’t have to say much, you know that we’re good.
And walking together, the World at our feet.
Just one touch reminds us, that our hearts, they can beat.

Won’t you smile…

And whenever you need me, you know I’ll be near.
You can just call my name out, and know I will hear.

Won’t you smile…

Virginia Dupew with ‘Smile For Me’ in Colorado :)

From Kinsale to Killiney to Colorado … music is magical :)






SMILE FOR ME – New Single   Leave a comment

Now available on Bandcamp.

Imcludes three bonus tracks Light & Shade (radio edit), If The Lord Came Now (Album version) & Wrapped In You (radio edit).

CD version due April 15th.


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Thomas House ‘Hangover Sessions’ March 23rd. 2014   Leave a comment

Conall Heffernan, Hector Castillo, Tony Floyd Kenna (picture by Sean O’Neill)

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Arthur’s – March 15th. 2014   Leave a comment

Tony Floyd Kenna, Mick O’Brien, Hector Castillo and Conall Heffernan (out of shot)

Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me I’M O.K.

Darkey Kelly’s 21.1.14   Leave a comment

Dermot, Chris & Tony

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2014 The Alien Has Landed – CD Launch   Leave a comment

January 10th. 2014.

Picture shows: Mick Brady, Dermot Reynolds, Conall Heffernan, Tony Floyd Kenna,

Johnny Brew & Elaine Mac Giolla Chomhghaill.




Darkey Kelly’s January 3rd. 2014   Leave a comment

Dermot Reynolds & Tony Floyd Kenna – Picture by Sean O’Neill

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