Underground at The International   Leave a comment

Friday August 15th. Tony, Mick O’Brien & Dermot Reynolds



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Some recent gigs … July/August   Leave a comment

Gilbert & Wrights Dun Laoghaire

Grand Social Dublin – Sean, Christian & Tony.

Dermot, Tony & Mick at Darkey Kelly’s

Dermot, Carol-Ann, Tony & Christian at Darkey Kelly’s.

Live at Sin E   Leave a comment

June 30th. 2014

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This Alien Has Landed   Leave a comment

..and you can’t hide….


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Busking for Teen Line – Suicide Prevention   Leave a comment

June 21st. 2014 Temple Bar.


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Summer Solstice   Leave a comment

Summer Solstice Songwriters @ Darkey Kelly’s 21st. June 2014.

Carol Ann Flanagan & Tony Floyd Kenna


Post gig in Darkey’s garden…

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Belfast Empire Bar – Society Sessions   Leave a comment

Belfast City Of Life – June 4th. 2014.

On stage Tony Floyd Kenna, Rhiannah Warm & Jed McConkey (Picture by Brenda Mannagh McMeekin). http://tonyfloydkenna.wordpress.com/belfast-city-of-life/


Full gig review by NILights and Lyndsay Malone at http://nilights.info/event-36-society-sessions/

Picture by Murray McDowell

Picture by NILights



‘You can walk the streets and say hello, get a friendly smile wherever you go,

It’s taken a while but I’m here at last, in this city of life, that we call Belfast.

Belfast, City of life. It’s you town, It’s my town, It’s our town

Belfast, The city of life, It’s your town, It’s my town, The city of life.

You can take a stroll, there’s no hurry here, it’s a special town that I love so dear.

When the music beats, it stirs my heart, in this city of life, that we call Belfast.’


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